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How Willow Creek Apartments can get me to change my 2-star rating to a 5-star rating!

I recently gave my apartment complex, Willow Creek Apartments, in Kalamazoo, a 2-star rating, but I wanted to give a 5-star rating.

First let me say Willow Creek is a place to live. The apartments are spacious and in great condition. Also, the amenities are a huge bonus for the price of rent and the land the property sits on has multiple lakes and trails. The residents are quite nice and friendly as well. If we rated apartments just on their looks then I’d give them a 5, unfortunately the business practices influence my perceptions.

kindred spirits

“Kindred Spirits” by @nomadic_las va Flickr

Next, let’s talk about apartment life. Why do we live in apartments?

This is a crucial question to answer when talking about value. I like to think many live in apartments because they can’t afford a home, are temporary residents of a location, or like the amenities. Let’s look a bit deeper at these drivers. Continue reading

Professional Developmemt

15 essential books for marketing professional development

Professional Development

Cinemagraph – in the library by @mendhak via Flickr

Reading isn’t only for class or pleasure. It’s also useful for professional development. Many high-profile business men & women are writing about their experiences and documenting their successful strategies. You don’t need to wait to start your MBA to get the knowledge in these books. Professional development shouldn’t wait until you’re ready or have the funds to go back to school.

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